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For the third year running, second-year students from BA(Hons) Illustration have enjoyed a study trip to Bristol, gaining an invaluable insight into the creative industry and studio life.

Led by Senior Lecturers Natalie Hayes and Linda Scott, the purpose of the trip was to strengthen connections, networks and students’ awareness of life after university. They met illustrators, alumni and creatives working in studio environments across the city. Stepping into their shoes, the students also created their own work, exhibiting it in a gallery on the final day of the trip.

Linda Scott said: “We took thirty-five students to this vibrant, dynamic and creative city, and with our host and guide, Dave Bain, a Falmouth alumni working and living in the city, we provided the students with insights into the realities of working in studio spaces.”

Dave Bain told us: "Each year it's really exciting to witness the resourcefulness and problem solving skills of the illustration students as they produce their project response over the course of the visit. I'm always impressed with the range of skills, styles and creative output from each student. The results are sometimes surprising and more often than not, a reflection of the hard work and careful thought given to the brief."

Linda added: “We have a strong alumni presence in Bristol and the community has been nurtured by creatives such as Dave, who was responsible for setting up studio spaces in the city using the Illustration studios at Falmouth University as a template.”

Natalie Hayes said: "It is always wonderful to meet up with alumni in Bristol, to see how they have developed their careers since graduating.  The experience provides Falmouth Illustration students with the opportunity to envisage what working in a shared studio space is like – and talking to the artists gives them real insights into what life after graduation could be like for them."

The group visited studios in creative hubs such as the Old Town and Stokes Croft and attended industry talks delivered by practicing illustrators. 

Tom Newell of Limbic Cinema also led the group through a series of creative workshops, which included digital mappings and projections of the students’ artwork into 3D spaces.

Sean Battle, one of the students, told us: "The whole trip was very enjoyable from the exploring the creative studios, history of the city, landmarks and galleries, to meeting illustrators working and living in the city. It was very inspiring to see Falmouth alumni working so successfully and being so connected in the creative Bristol field. Talking and connecting to the people I met on the trip really motivated me to keep working hard on my own work!"

The trip culminated in a private exhibition of the students’ work at a large gallery space in The Island, a studio complex, arts facility and events space, based in the Old Bridewell Police Station, close to the city centre. It was well attended by friends of the exhibitors, family members living in and around Bristol, and Falmouth alumni.

Roxy Banks, another student, said: "The Bristol trip was a fantastic opportunity to see what life after the course might look like. We explored a variety of studios and engaged with practising illustrators first hand. I found this incredibly inspiring. It was really exciting to exhibit our own work at the end of the week. The short deadline and limited materials pushed everyone to take creative risks, resulting in some really exciting projects. The atmosphere on the night was electric!"

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