Exploring new horizons: Falmouth lecturer Huw Lewis-Jones releases 'Clive Penguin'

15 September 2023

Clive Penguin book cover
Clive Penguin
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Dr Huw Lewis-Jones, author, expedition leader and senior lecturer at Falmouth University, is set to take young readers on a journey with the release of his latest book Clive Penguin. Illustrated by award-winner Ben Sanders, this heartwarming story emphasises the importance of getting what you need over what you want. 

Clive Penguin is Huw's twelfth release for young readers since he began his phenomenal venture into children’s literature. The book invites readers into the quirky world of Clive, a penguin with a unique perspective on life. The narrative unfolds with humour and the book also features illustrations infused with neon ink, creating a unique storytelling experience.  

Huw said: “Good stories are needed now more than ever... As a father, like everyone else, I’m worried and a bit saddened to hear when kids don't have access to books, or a school library. Also, the rise of social media and all the other digital distractions that draw kids away from books and make their lives more difficult and anxious.” 

Collaborating closely with illustrator Ben, Huw has brought to life a host of captivating characters. Their creative synergy has resulted in an extraordinary series of children's books. 

On working with Ben, Huw said: “Ben and I have made a number of books together now. Clive Penguin most recently, and our favourite! We share the same sense of humour, and also the same desire for simple storytelling and artful illustrations. Less is more, we hope. The stories are almost acoustic: we try to strip words and image back as much as possible.  

“Ben is a nice guy to work with. I’m based here in Cornwall, he’s in Australia, so working late at night or very early in the morning across time-zones we make it happen.” 

Beyond his books for young readers, Huw has already left a substantial footprint in the world of adult non-fiction, having published over twenty books published in eighteen languages. Huw continues to explore new horizons with projects such as Swallowed by a Whale along with ongoing research into wild nature and environmental histories of photography.  

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