Type: Gallery
Category: Our graduates

Fine art graduate, Aimee Labourne has been shortlisted for the Wells Art Contemporary Awards 2020 and features in their online exhibition. The shortlisted artworks will also be displayed on a screen in Wells Cathedral, allowing cutting-edge contemporary art to resonate with the 850-year-old architecture.

After completing BA(Hons) Fine Art at Falmouth, Aimee moved to Shetland in 2016. Exploring both the islands’ natural environment and its many aspects of heritage and history, Aimee makes work about human notions of landscape and space, and is especially interested in how changes such as environmental destruction, climate crisis and shifting contemporary ideologies are affecting this.

Her practise focuses on drawing using traditional media such as pencil to representationally describe form, but she also uses photography, so dominant in today’s world of rapid image consumption.

For its 2020 edition, Wells Art Contemporary received a record-breaking number of entries, Aimee is one of the 122 artists selected out of thousands of applicants. Those shortlisted include established and emerging artists spanning painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography.

Take a look at the Wells Art Contemporary 2020 online exhibition where you can see and vote for Amiee’s entry in the ‘Graphic’ exhibition room. Or visit Amiee’s website to see more of her work.

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