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Meaning, impact and the catalyst for debate. These are the three things Daniel Adams wants his photography to have.

He used to take pictures lacking purpose and direction. Not so now. He uses his photography to tell stories and tackle social injustice. Daniel graduated in 2017 and received global acclaim for his groundbreaking final project, Why Is Your English So Good?

The work was first published in the Guardian and later picked up by Buzzfeed, Russia's Metro and a host of publications in Malaysia where Daniel grew up.

Daniel shot the images used in the work for his final degree project and, having been the subject of racial abuse himself, drew on his own and his friends experiences to create a series of photographs designed to inspire debate and force people to discuss an issue Daniel feels is everywhere but largely ignored.

"I didn't know what I wanted to do with my photography before I came to Falmouth," he says. "My tutors helped me shape it into something worthwhile and meaningful. They were incredible and when they told me to put more of myself into my work, it was a defining moment for me and my awakening as a photographer."

It was from here that Daniel began developing the idea for his project exposing the casual racism encountered by Malaysians while studying or working in the UK or Ireland.

"My work is political, based around race, heritage and culture. People don't know how offensive their words can be or realise what they are saying is racist. It's such a relevant issue and I wanted people to discuss the topic, so I reached out to the Guardian. A month later it came out the day before my birthday."

Daniel plans on continuing the project but this time tackling racism in Malaysia before moving on to a new project focussing on loss and exploring why grief isn't accepted in some parts of society.

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