Glimpses below the waves: Falmouth’s Jane Morgan featured in Dive Travel Adventures

14 November 2023

Jane Morgan Isles of Scilly diving shot
Jane Morgan Isles of Scilly diving shot
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Falmouth’s Dive Safety Officer and Diving Technician Jane Morgan, has been featured in the latest issue of Dive Travel Adventures, with a multiple-page feature on the truly exceptional finds in British coastal waters. 

Taking a glimpse beneath the waves around the Isles of Scilly - which lie around 28 nautical miles off the coast of Cornwall – Jane’s piece focuses on the unexpectedly varied flora and fauna found off this archipelago throughout the year.  

From jewel anemones bursting with colour, to corals, jellyfish and the ever-inquisitive grey seal, Jane’s latest feature is a showcase for diving closer to home.  

Speaking about her work, Jane says: "As underwater photographers we are incredibly privileged to spend time in the underwater realms. So few people experience the wonder of the marine world and the life that can be found there; it is incredibly important that we can document what we see -  so that we can share the beauty, but also to protect these fragile habitats.  

Underwater photography is often challenging, but the results are incredibly rewarding.

Underwater photography is an optional module on our BA Marine & Natural History Photography degree, and Jane works to support students to create beautiful imagery – and stay safe - in these challenging habitats.

About Jane 

Jane is an experienced BSAC, PADI and IAHD instructor, underwater photographer and a Dive Safety Officer on BA(Hons) Marine & Natural History Photography.  

Jane began working as a technician at Falmouth in 2013, and is now a full-time Dive Safety Officer and Dive Technician with our Institute of Photography, where she can share her love of the underwater world. Find out more about Jane’s experience.  

You can see more of Jane's work on her website

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