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08 October 2018

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Arabella Collins, a third year Game Development student, has been announced as a winner of the Women in Games Conference 2018 for her narrative design portfolio.

With over sixty-six guest speakers and panellists ranging from directors of games studios, stars of the streaming site Twitch and game journalists, the Women in Games Conference is the frontrunner in celebrating the contribution of women to the games industry.

As one of six winners, Arabella was invited to attend the ceremony and receive her award for a submission that featured her numerous projects as a narrative designer, ranging from text-based interactive stories to first-person shooters.

Arabella commented: "My writing portfolio is based on interactive fiction, technical writing, the games I've been a part of and more traditional prose pieces. I try to consume a myriad of media, from films to off the wall indie games to broaden my sources of inspiration.

"It was such a big shock to be chosen! I used the deadline of the contest to polish my portfolio and sent it in. I knew I would be in the Middle East during the time of the convention, but I never expected to win. When I found out it was gutting that I couldn't go, but I was still so pleased regardless!"

Arabella feels that she learnt a lot from her time at Falmouth, crediting the team based atmosphere on the course for sharpening her skills and providing an invaluable insight into her chosen career path.

She explained: "The Game Development course is one of the rarest in the country! There are very few places that offer this level of in-depth study into game development. My tutors are supportive and insightful, as they are industry veterans, and I'm surrounded by so many talented student developers.

"My future ambitions leading on from this success are to keep working hard and expand my skills as a game developer into 3D modelling and sound design. As winners of the Women in Games Conference, we've also been invited to have a tour of King soon, which is very exciting!"

To find out more about Arabella's projects and portfolio, you can visit her website.

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