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Following their initial success on the Tranzfuser programme, Game Development team Animal Puree have presented RoBoats at the prestigious EGX 2018 event in an effort to secure £25,000 of funding.

EGX is the UK's biggest game convention, offering visitors the opportunity to play unrealised triple A titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, to quiz top developers about the industry and showcasing independently developed games with the potential to become hits.

Lizzi Osborne, narrative designer for Animal Puree, said: "Showcasing RoBoats at EGX was an unreal feeling, all thanks to Tranzfuser and Falmouth University. I think we almost expected to get lost in the crowd of huge names, but the Tranzfuser stand was surprisingly eye catching and the amount of people who came over to play RoBoats over the course of the event was just crazy!

"Falmouth have been so supportive of us through our journey, from start to finish; providing us with studio space, software and covering travel costs where possible! Even before we decided to try out for Tranzfuser, Falmouth was the best possible route we could have taken due to the way the Game Development course is so focused around tailoring new indie start-ups."

If the team's bid for further funding is successful, they hope to push RoBoats further into the market by developing and, in some cases completely changing, the current mechanics within the game.

Lizzi explained: "Right now, we're looking into gyro controls and completely stripping away the old control system. Further funding would allow us to turn RoBoats into the product we intended it to be and improve the overall game experience.

"We're over the moon with the direction our company is heading and feel both Falmouth and Tranzfuser have given us the best start we could've possibly hoped for. We have just started the Launchpad incubation programme, which we feel will help strengthen our company as well provide us with essential business support and knowledge."

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