Fine Art students launch community project

23 February 2021

Art Street Map
Art Street Map
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Fine Art student Lily Peach-Forster has instigated a new community arts project, Street View Falmouth. The scheme has received considerable support from the public, with over 80 homes and businesses volunteering their windows to display a range of works from local artists.

Lily and the Street View team started the project with the goal of connecting local artists to their community, and have been working with key stakeholders in Falmouth to achieve it. They have received support for their initiative from The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, as well as working closely with the Falmouth Art Gallery to realise their ambitions.

Lily was excited to see that the industry connections she has made whilst studying her course has helped bring Street View Falmouth to life. “We’ve got some really great contacts at the art gallery from our work with the university, and they’ve given us some really useful advice for this project; their help has been invaluable.”

Lily has seen a fantastic response to the group initiative, with over 80 artists being paired with windows for the upcoming exhibition. 

Strengthening the ties between artists and local residents is already a victory, but Lily believes that getting people outside to view the exhibition will also help improve community wellbeing during the current coronavirus restrictions. “It’s very easy to feel isolated when you’re stuck inside for large parts of the day. Getting people outside really helps with general wellbeing and mental health. Connecting people to an artistic environment is a really positive, creatively driven thing to do. 

“As a student, it’s easy to isolate yourself within the student community. It’s really important that you interact with people outside of your immediate group - otherwise, it can feel a bit like you’ve been superimposed into the wider community rather than actually feeling a part of it.”

Street View Falmouth will be brightening local windowsills from the 22nd – 28th February. Take some time for yourself by stepping outside to see what you can discover.

To further information on Street View Falmouth, explore their website, Instagram and Facebook page.

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