Falmouth’s bid success secures additional Go Abroad opportunities under the Turing Scheme

03 August 2023

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Falmouth University has successfully secured additional funding to offer more Go Abroad opportunities under the Turing Scheme. 

This marks the University’s third successful Turing bid since the Government’s launch of the annual scheme in 2021. Over 40,000 people across the UK will get the opportunity to study or work abroad in the next academic year, with universities, colleges and schools across the country awarded a share of almost £105 million to offer placements to their students. 

With funding now secure, exchange programme experiences will open to all Falmouth students, with over 100 students set to go abroad next year on one of three strands of activities. These include Study Abroad exchanges, Work Abroad internships, and our Cultural Immersion programme, which offers short four-week experiences in a variety of destinations. 

The Turing Scheme has been instrumental in providing students with invaluable opportunities to broaden their horizons, gain international experience, and develop crucial skills for their future careers. Through the exchange programmes on offer, students have the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures, practice a language, and build long-lasting connections with peers from around the world. 

Fancy a study trip, exchange or work aboard opportunity? 

Applications are now open to students for Go Abroad opportunities under the Turing Scheme, with opportunities on offer for both current students and recent graduates, presenting an excellent opportunity for gaining practical work experience in an international setting. By participating in a Work Abroad internship, students can enhance their employability, expand their professional networks, and gain a deeper understanding of global industries. 

Alex Mesterton-Gibbons (Partnership Manager for Falmouth’s Go Abroad opportunities) welcomes the announcement. She said: "We are proud to be part of the Turing Scheme and hope these the activities will have a valuable lasting impact on a participant’s life and education. It's crucial that our students are supported to access such enriching global learning experiences that will shape their futures and build their international awareness to be global citizens.  

“Diversification of culture and perspectives are core values to our institutional learning programmes and key objectives for students participating in the Go Abroad programme, to leave with a global mindset and cross-cultural skillset." 


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