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20 September 2018

News: Jack Freeman BP Portrait Award 2018
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Fine Art graduate Jack Freeman has been featured in one of the most prominent portrait competitions in the world, the BP Portrait Award 2018 hosted by the National Portrait Gallery.

This year's event saw 2,667 entries submitted from artists across 88 different countries. Out of these pieces just forty-eight have been selected for an exhibition tour across the country. Jack's painting, entitled Tim and the Dog, was among them.

Jack commented: "Tim and the Dog is one of the first finished oil portraits that I have made. The picture demonstrates a method of painting which is fairly new to me, as previously I had always painted alla prima, or wet on wet. I decided to try out some old master techniques which have now become staples of my practise.

It feels very strange to have been selected. Every year I go to the exhibition with my sister and before this I hadn't entered any major competitions, so I keep thinking there must've been a mistake! It has allowed me to meet some of my painting heroes and think more seriously about being able to do what I love for a living.

In terms of his time at university, Jack feels that his degree helped him to sharpen his artistic skills. He reflects: "When I arrived at Falmouth, my work was very different. During my second year I started drawing from life, which I had done little of before. I was greatly encouraged by my tutors and it was an intense and fertile environment both socially and artistically."

Portraiture has played a major role in Jack's work and he credits much of his influences to historical, academically figurative works of art. His unique style has not only won him the attention of the BP Portrait Award, but he has gained several admirers looking to purchase his paintings.

Jack explained: "As a result of the BP show, I have several commissions for portrait paintings. I am also aiming to hold a solo show in Colchester this coming spring."

Jack's artwork can be found on his website and his Instagram page @jackfreemanart

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