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We've designed a series of advice sessions to help you settle into university life. 

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Sessions available to download

Make sure to check back here each week for more session videos to download and watch at a time that suits you best.

Online enrolment A step-by-step guide to completing your enrolment online.  Watch recording
Care Leavers & Care Experienced Students

The support available at the university for anyone who is a care-leaver or experienced the care system/estranged from their family. 

For more information email  

Watch recording
Employability An insight into part-time job opportunities whilst you are studying and how to find and apply for them. Watch recording
Digital Skills, Service & Support An insight into the digital skills services and the digital support you can access whilst studying.  Watch recording
How You’ll Learn An overview of digital learning and the platforms you’ll commonly use whilst studying at Falmouth University.  Watch recording
Library Matters Explore the library, discover what to read at university and learn to navigate a world of information – and misinformation.

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Study in the UK A guide for international students studying at Falmouth University.  Watch recording
Six Steps to Uni Study The key information you need regarding academic study skills including; getting organised and meeting your deadlines, tackling writing projects, course reading and the technologies available to support you.  Watch recording
Living on campus Everything you need to know about what it’s like living on campus and what activities the ResLife Team have in store for you!  Watch recording
Personal Safety On Campus  Our community Policeman gives some tips to stay safe whilst studying in Cornwall.  Watch recording


Further information

Students enjoying life at Falmouth
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Student Life

Our students enjoy a lifestyle a little beyond the ordinary. From exploring the coastline, seek...

Student Life
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Student Support

Discover all the support services and wellbeing resources available to Falmouth University students....

Student Support
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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Discover support and resources to help you manage your mental health while at Falmouth University. ...

Mental Health & Wellbeing
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New Students

Hit the ground running by following our step-by-step guide.

New Students
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Students' Union

Students' Union

The Students’ Union puts your voice at the heart of everything it does.

Students' Union
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Virtual Experience

Live outside the UK? Can't visit in person? No problem. Experience Falmouth University on this Virtu...

Virtual Experience