Katie Dale-Everett Dance: Digital Tattoo

Digital Tattoo
Saturday 7 October 2017 19.30 to 21.30
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Are you active on social media? What would you think if your online data were physical tattoos? Would you wish for the right to be forgotten?

Katie Dale-Everett Dance presents an exciting three part programme of cross disciplinary choreographic works exploring our increasingly digitalised society and the impact this has on our identity, perceptions, control and Right to be Forgotten.

Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1:

It has been proposed that our digital information will last longer than we will ourselves in the flesh unless we are granted the Right to be Forgotten. Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1 is a choreographic art film combining dance, animation and projections to explore the permanence of online data.

Conversations About the Digital:

Do you have a profile on Facebook? Are you guilty of being on your phone when in the company of others? Have you connected with unknown family members through social media? We invite you to participate in a Conversation About the Digital. You will need a smartphone to take part.

Digital Tattoo:

Mixing dance and projection, Digital Tattoo considers the permanency of online data trails, inescapable in this increasingly digitalised world.

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