Stephen Knowles

Stephen originally hails from a small town called Heathfield, East Sussex, where, after finishing school, he attended Eastbourne College of Art and Design. Seizing the opportunity to get out of the south east of England, he moved to Falmouth to pursue a degree in illustration.

These days Stephen works as an illustrator and creator of comic books in Penryn, Cornwall, where he lives the good life with his pet cat and girlfriend Rachel. Among other things: walking on beaches, skimming stones, checking out the hermit crabs, and other cool looking sea life.

Stephen spends his time sketching, listening to music, watching films, reading comics, wondering what happened to the Millennium Falcon and all his transformers figures from when he was a kid, shouting at his computer and making art.

He has also built up an extensive client list, which includes: The Guardian [The Guide], The Independent on Sunday and The Review, The Financial Times Weekend Magazine, MTV Holland [Riot Magazine], Rant! Magazine, Natural History Magazine [NY] and Diva Magazine.