Simon Corry

BA(Hons) Graphic Design

Why Falmouth?

When I applied Falmouth was considered one of the top three universities for graphic design in the UK. The staff were all well versed in their subject areas, complete with strong professional backgrounds and a wide range of industry connections.

What was your experience of the academic school?

The facilities on offer at Falmouth were sufficient to support the breadth of the courses on offer. For example if I needed a supporting textbook I could find it in the library. However, the lecturers were what really made the experience of studying at Falmouth unique. Their ability to help students, not only succeed but find and nurture their passion, really set them and the school apart.

How did you find your course?

Graphic design is as much a theory based subject as it is a practical one; without a competent understanding of the design process you will struggle to fully comprehend the art of communication. Jon Unwin (course leader at the time) understood this well and built a syllabus around learning how to identify problems, generate considered ideas and playful exploration. These skills have allowed me to grow as a unique designer and have easily set me apart from those with similar qualifications.

Did you join any clubs and societies?

I opened and operated Babahogs Art Cafe with fellow student Lynsey Woods during my second year at Falmouth. Over the following three years it became a local hub for students, artists and societies alike. Activities ranged from knit clubs to gallery exhibitions and language discovery nights.

What was the best thing about living in Falmouth?

Falmouth remains one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived and, with London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York on that list, it's a pretty big statement to make. The ability to surround yourself with such a breathtaking location becomes an invaluable tool for generating ideas and finding yourself as a young designer.

What do you miss most about Falmouth?

The pace of life is extremely comfortable and when you mix that with the local culture, as well as great food and drink, you have a place so difficult to leave that I actually returned after a year just to spend a little more time there.

Was the University supportive during your time here?

As much as a University can be when you have a student who makes a living out of disrupting established spaces. I have always believed strongly in being able to select classes more freely something akin to American colleges. I would constantly drop classes from my own course in order to sit in on those I found more beneficial. Sitting in on Color Theory in BA(Hons) Illustration for example led me to create unique illustrations for the New York Times Magazine. Sitting in on a Programming Methodology class for BSc Renewable Energy opened up a new found love for programming that later led to a collaboration with Google.

What advice would you give to students planning on coming to Falmouth?

Embrace your own ignorance and understand that accepting those limitations doesn't hold you back it pushes you forward. Never underestimate the value of collaboration, everyone has value even if you haven't quite figured out what that value is yet. Never allow anyone to tell you what your limits are, they're yours to set and break respectively. Travel often and far because the world is full of opportunities and experiences that will make you a far more successful human being.

Above all don't take life too seriously, do what makes you happy and never use money or fear of the unknown to justify your decisions.

What are you doing now?

I am the co-founder of Alpha Pipe inc, a data exchange platform for the investment industry. I also work as an advisor for companies including the Art Directors Club, Franklyn and Marcopolo.