Renn Farnell

Alacrity (Launchpad pilot) Graduate

After earning a distinction masters in Computer Games Design and Modelling at Staffordshire University, 
where I worked on several game projects as producer and 3D artist, I became a founder of a four man mobile 
game development studio, Chillsters. During this year I primarily worked on developing 3D artwork for the mobile games
 we designed. We published two games to several mobile platforms before the end
 of our first year and had several more in development.

Before the first year of incorporation had finished we reviewed our
 successes and failures; first hand experience in a small development team improved our experience but showed how much we needed to learn to be truly successful.

It almost felt like fate when a friend made me aware 
of the Alacrity Falmouth programme visit to our University. I attended 
the talk by Nick Dixon and was impressed at how much it appealed to
 my current position and career desires. The programme presented an ideal mix of game industry and business mentoring aimed 
at guiding students into incorporation, which my previous startup experience taught me was 
crucial to creating a successful independent studio.

I applied and put the course to the back of my mind whilst continuing my last game 
development with my team. It was a welcome surprise when I received a call long after 
believing my application wasn't successful, to be told I'd be joining Alacrity as Technical Designer! Overwhelmed by the opportunity I had been given, I quickly began preparing myself and moved to Cornwall 
to join our director Nick Dixon and the 19 other postgraduates who had been offered a place on the program.

Now I work as part of a four man team developing multiplayer interactive experiences, bringing 5 years of
 academic game design knowledge and independent studio experience to our team, helping direct game design and
 business decisions and scripting gameplay using the industry's best tools supplied by Alacrity.

I enjoy the new challenges and opportunities which occur each day, and help build our team into a sustainable and investable studio.
 The support given from Alacrity has ensured that our decisions are guided by experienced veterans of our industry,
 and are consistently considering the end goals of both the team, the individuals, and the Alacrity programme.

The MA Entrepreneurship course which accompanies the development of our studio also ensures that we are 
linking our technical game development practice to traditional business practice, and being critically reflective 
of our actions and decisions at every stage of development.

Our team has been extremely fortunate with our project, our current client is engaged and enthusiastic about our development and future clients and investors are interested in our unique approach to interactive experiences.

The Alacrity programme gave us
 a kick start into the Industry, introduced us to the right people at the right time, and has presented a lot of potential for the future
 of both our business, and our partnerships with clients around the world and Alacrity.