Piotr Macieszczak

BA(Hons) Interior Design

"From a professional point of view I am increasingly interested in sustainable architecture and materials - in design which takes into account the environment, local materials and the existing landscape, whether urban or rural.

I wanted to gain more experience in this area, whether by working in a suitable firm or through further study. Britain has been at the forefront of design in many areas at least since the 1960s and so I always hoped to do my Erasmus exchange in England. When we were given the list of options I checked out the sites and was immediately attracted to Falmouth's Interior Design course. I think the main reason was the style of teaching - and therefore the learning process - which is so very different from what we have in Poland.

Falmouth offers real hands on experience, students work on real projects and there is regular exchange between students and teaching staff, but also between groups of students. It offered me a chance to compare and contrast what I have learned so far with the experience of other students, too. I was given an opportunity to realise how important it is to work with other people as a member of a team. Finally I was able to experience how it is to talk with 'true' customers and express your ideas in a professional way.

Falmouth is a perfect place to study art and design. It is situated in a beautiful part of Cornwall, surrounded by a natural landscape stimulating creative processes, and offered me full support as an international student."