Phil Skinner

BA(Hons) Graphic Design 2005 - 2008

I graduated in July 2008 and didn't hang around long. Through our course's stand at New Blood and the Falmouth portfolio show, I had already established good contacts within the industry and headed up to London to do placements at some great companies. Within a couple of weeks I was chuffed to receive a job offer at Purpose Design. I have been here for over two years now, working with clients from Orange and Royal Mail through to small arts businesses. Over the last few months I've been privileged to produce a set of stamps - every print designer's dream job!

Falmouth's focus on ‘ideas led' design prepared me well for the industry, giving me a set of universal skills that could be applied regardless of the project or application. I'm now in charge of the placement scheme at my company and I can see how this thinking-led approach really sets graduates apart. It creates a lasting sustainable approach to design, regardless of changes in technology, styles and fashions.

Falmouth's contacts with the industry are a huge help with starting your career. The course always has one eye on the industry and preparing you for working in design when you graduate. It allowed me to seamlessly fit into a working environment and hit the ground running.

The best thing about the facilities is the studio spaces you are given to work in. Every year group has their own studio and you are encouraged to use it and work together - as in the industry. This enables you to bounce ideas around, have fun, and best of all, learn from each other. There's great technology and printing facilities - this means you never have to go home and work on your own and builds on the idea of a working studio, just like in the industry.