Open AIR: Supercrafted

Thursday 11 June 2015 17.00 to 19.00
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The Supercrafted* project has been researching ways in which digital technologies and superfast broadband can help craft micro-businesses forge new relationships with audiences and customers, and develop new markets. The project has been investigating digital technologies that facilitate new kinds of online interactions and enable distributed production methods. This event marks the close of the project, summarising its activities through presentations and demonstrations from researchers involved in developing innovative ways of combining traditional making with digital capabilities.

For this special event we welcome guest speaker, Dave Griffiths, an award-winning game designer, creative coder and live coding artist from FoAM Kernow, an independent research organisation based in Penryn. Dave will be presenting Weaving Codes and Coding Weaves; demonstrating how the weavers of antiquity can show us an alternative future for technology and untangling the patterns embedded in computation.


Super Slip-Pi and Brushbot: two innovative low-cost digital making machines, which have been designed to combine hand skill and computational capabilities to develop applications in a distributed production network.

Supercrafted Online Digital Sketchbook App: Designed to enhance communication between maker and customer when working together on a bespoke commission.


Dr Katie Bunnell, Principal Investigator: Project overview and key outcomes

Dane Watkins, Technologist Research Assistant: Introducing and demonstrating the Supercrafted Online Digital Sketchbook App

Sam White, Associate Researcher: Business development for the app

Andrew Smith and Oliver Hatfield, Makernow Digital Developers: demonstrating the Brushbot, a machine for capturing expressive mark making

Dave Griffiths, Creative Coder and live coding artist from FoAM Kernow

*Supercrafted research is delivered to you by the Autonomatic Research Group and is jointly funded by Falmouth University and Superfast Cornwall.

Autonomatic is an award-winning group of design researchers based at Falmouth University.


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