Mark Jenkin

Job title
Associate Lecturer, Film, Digital Media, Marine & Natural History Photography

Working in digital and analogue mediums and hand-processing super8/16mm film Mark is predominately interested in experimentation within the form, Slow Cinema and Remodernist Film.

His work at present is involved with exploring the contemporary possibilities of Expanded Cinema and the movie image within the gallery space. He is based at the Newlyn School of Art where he has a studio/lab and as a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists his work has been exhibited in the UK and Europe.

He is the author of the Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13 (SLDG13) Film Manifesto which promotes the aesthetic and practical benefits of handmade celluloid work. He has produced film elements for the West End, Kneehigh Theatre and Wild Works. Through his teaching Mark is keen to embrace lo-fi practical approaches and develop filmmakers as individual freethinking artists as well as collaborative practitioners.

In 2002 he was awarded the Frank Copplestone First Time Director Award at The Celtic Film Festival for his film Golden Burnand he is also a Royal Television Society Award Winner for his documentary My Name is Zac.

He has written and directed 2 minimalist narrative feature films that have been exhibited at home and abroad:
The Midnight Drives (2007) “A moving film about parentage with an exceptional performance from Colin Holt at its centre.” Derek Malcolm
Happy Christmas (2011) "Jenkin most closely follows the example of cinema's archetypal humanist, Jean Renoir, who always insisted that everyone has their reasons." EMPIRE

Mark is the great, great, great Grandson of primitive artist Alfred Wallis.