John Aggs

John has used the skills he learnt on BA(Hons) Illustration to plot his path to success. Proud of meticulously learning the craft's rules and then breaking them, he's worked with Philip Pullman on the comic series The DFC for Random House, and had his own comic strip Robot Girl run in the Guardian family section. On top of that, he came first in Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga competition, and has worked on the promotion for the videogame Crysis 2.

From 19th century draughtsman to dinosaurs and light sabers, John Aggs draws inspiration from all sorts of places.

"Falmouth really taught me that illustration is a job. The key is to fulfill the wishes of the client while still injecting a little of yourself into the designs. Although professionally focused, Falmouth's approach is firstly academic. Illustration has rules, just like drawing; the course pushed you to learn these rules, then to feel free to break them when you actually knew what you're doing. It's certainly paid off."