Joe Doldon

BA(Hons) Fine Art - 2005-2008

Joe graduated in 2008, going straight on to exhibit at Bloomberg New Contemporaries and the Liverpool Biennale that year. His solo show at Christ's Hospital marked the end of a successful artist's residency at the school. A winner of the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary award in 2009 and shortlisted for Saatchi's ‘Best of British', Joe also won the prestigious Title Art Prize 2011 - awarded to exciting contemporary artists in the early stages of their career.

I chose Falmouth because knew the University College had a good reputation. When I came for interview something felt very right about the whole package. I was impressed with the studio spaces and the manner I was questioned at interview.

Studying at Falmouth was brilliant in helping me build a strong portfolio of work, from which I've managed to gain many opportunities. My work and the documentation of it has been a pivotal part in stepping me up to operating in the art world. Also, being able to talk, write about and contextualise my work has been crucial in other professional situations. The most useful thing I learnt was my approach - knowing what materials and subjects fit, how to be experimental, open minded and confident making decisions about what's right for me.

I spent a lot of time in the workshop where the staff - who are all artists in their own right - assist you, not only with technical problems, but also conceptually and materially. There are also some great lectures with professional artists, who talk openly about how they arrived at where they are today. The professional practice elements give you a very real picture of what it takes to pave your way as an artist in the real world.

I had a fantastic tutor who knew how to get the best out of me and really shook up my way of thinking. The other students on the course were very pro-active and involved in their work, and the discourse surrounding making work. It was an inspiring and active environment, which really spurred everyone on. I think if I studied anywhere else my practice wouldn't be as strong as it is now.