Jane Trustram

After college, Jane threw herself into work placements at Lewis Moberly, Design Bridge, Smith and Milton, The Partners, and C2 Media in New York. These ultimately led her to a job at Minale Tattersfield seven months after graduation.

Jane recommends design students get to know their industry, reading trade press and gaining awareness of hot topics and designers. Whilst studying, Jane won the RSA Postage Stamp Award, which boosted her confidence and funded her New York trip.

Currently working on projects from packaging and identity to editorial, for both British and overseas clients ranging from the DfES to Transport for London and from Melinda (Italy) to Colombina (Colombia), Jane recently conceived the design for a forthcoming limited edition Oyster Card. "The design industry is so competitive that every achievement is something to be celebrated. It's tough... but you realise it's worth it when you get your first big break."