Hannes Simon

BA(Hons) 3D Design for Sustainability*

My major project at Falmouth was the BeeHotel for wild bees. This was recognised by the German green roof industry, who invited me to report at their annual industry meeting in Stuttgart. Since graduating I've also undertaken a research project with Medion Notebooks in Germany, working on a range of portable computer products, and completed an internship at the Berlin Design Festival.

The philosophy of 3D Design at Falmouth is probably ten years ahead of its time. Sustainability is a really hyped term in product design right now but the tutors at the University have been working within these themes for more than 20 years. Sustainable design is clearly not a gimmick at Falmouth.

The opportunity to develop projects based on real problems with users and designers enabled me to reflect and improve on my weaknesses, while the feedback from designers in the industry was invaluable. The facilities are outstanding and the open-plan Design Centre encourages you to work closely with and gain inspiration from others. Such an opportunity is hard to find anywhere else.

*Now BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design