Emma Dibben

BA(Hons) Illustration 2001 - 2004

I chose to study Illustration at Falmouth both because of the impressive reputation of the course and because of the location. Cornwall is an incredibly inspiring place to be. Having the Cornish coastline on your doorstep is something unbeatable - whether it's long walks or just half an hour by the sea, there is great mental and physical space and freedom. Because Falmouth was quite a small place when I was there you really got to know your fellow students well and I made such good friends, friends I know I will have forever. There is a wonderful feeling of support and fun amongst the student community and this is one of the really special things about studying at Falmouth. It is a unique and wonderful place.

I graduated in 2004 and, after spending a last summer by the sea, moved to Bristol where I began working as a freelance Illustrator. I now work in Jamaica Street Studios, a thriving creative community that is a real pleasure to be a part of. There are a number of Falmouth graduates working here forging successful freelance careers in their chosen field. I find it a real inspiration to see all the different practices that go on here - Illustration, Painting, Textile Design, Jewelry Design, Graphics, Sculpture...

I have worked for a wide range of clients over the last few years including; Waitrose Food Illustrated, The Guardian, Penguin, Hodder&Stoughton, Octopus, Time Out, House&Garden, Conde Nast Traveller, Country File, The Times. I have also exhibited at various Arts Trails and galleries around Bristol. I do a lot of food illustration and spend my weekends at my allotment where I grow my subjects and keep in touch with the natural world where I find my inspiration.

The Illustration course at Falmouth was invaluable in helping me establish myself as a full time Illustrator. The quality of the teaching is second to none and the course is well structured to give you a taste of all the different aspects of Illustration whilst allowing you the freedom to find your own individual style. I love that graduates from Falmouth really do seem to have found their own unique style and this is testament to the excellence of the course. The Professional Practice part of the course is extremely informative and full of good advice on how to set up your own business. From invoicing to agents to tax, it can be quite a minefield but thanks to time spent on Professional Practice I found the transition between college and work an easy one.