Dr Antti Saario

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Head of Music
01326 255925 Ext: 5925

Dr Antti Sakari Saario is an award-winning post-acousmatic composer whose work has been performed in 150 plus concerts, dance performances, festivals and installations in England, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil amongst other countries, and has been broadcast worldwide. Antti’s research praxis focuses on fixed-media composition and its critical and performative application in interdisciplinary and collaborative contexts. Based on his history of composition, production and post-production work across various media, Antti currently utilises composition as a critical and political tool within various artistic and research contexts. His practice-based research explores issues regarding artistic responsibility through corporeal and nomadic methodologies.


YearQualificationAwarding body
PhD Musical Composition
University of Birmingham
BSc (Hons) Electronic Music and Mathematics
University of Keele

Honours and awards


Bullet Train Ballad no.1 (2002) [7’], fixed media.
Finalist in Bourges 2003 TRIVIUM A – Degre II Studio Category.


Bullet Train Ballad no.1 (2002) [7’], fixed media.
1st prize absolute for 'Electro-acoustic, analogical and digital music' section of the IV International Contemporary Music Contest "Città di Udine" competition 2002 (1500 euros, public performance and realization of a CD of the concert), Udine, Italy.


Soft Lies, Soft Icons (1997-8) [12’], fixed media.
Seventh place in the Prix Scrime acousmatic composition competition, Bordeaux, France.

Research interests

Research topics

Sound Body Technology Relations
Mixed Media Sound Making
Embodied Improvisation Interaction
Electroacoustic Music
Collaborative and Nomadic Methods
Applied and Post Acousmatics
Fixed Media Composition

Research outputs

Publications and research outputs


Särkelä, Janne (2016) Melancholy Paradox (LP). [Composition] (In Press) Item not available from this repository.

Saario, Antti and Riikonen, Taina (2013) INK(ED - Ihoon Kaiverrettua: Thoughts, Deeds, Vibrations multi-lingual experimental radio feature (duration: 50'). [Composition] Item not available from this repository.

Saario, Antti and Marclay, Christian and Wiegold, Peter and Young, Michael (2012) The Doll's House with A Game of You - for an improvising ensemble, fixed media and video score. [Composition]

Saario, Antti (2008) Nomadische Luftspiegelung für Eva: for accordion and fixed media (audio). [Composition]

Saario, Antti and Iddon, Martin (2008) Proposition 6a: ceci n'est pas une machine de guerre (Refrain) - for fixed media, with optional amplified piano and live electronics. [Composition]


Ferrett, D and Lamb, Johny (2015) Dark Sound: Destructive Pop 2015. [Conference]


Newall, Amanda (2015) Hoover Diaries. UNSPECIFIED. Item not available from this repository.

Externally funded research grants information

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Research students

Previous student supervision

Philip Reeder: Composition (AHRC Funded) 

Number of research students supervised to completion: 1

Research degrees examined

Associate Director of Postgraduate Studies, Lancaster University, 2008-2010
Internal Examiner (PhD), Musicology, Lancaster University, Dec 2010
External Examiner (PhD), Electroacoustic Composition, University of Manchester, February 2011
External Examiner (PhD), Electroacoustic Composition, University of Huddersfield, March 2012
Internal Examiner (PhD), Musicology, University College Falmouth/University of Plymouth, July 2012

Number of research degree examinations: 4


Areas of teaching

Musical Composition
music technology
sound art
post production
audio production
electronic composition
electro-acoustic composition

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