Chris Weavill

Alacrity (Launchpad pilot) Graduate

Before I joined Alacrity Falmouth I was enrolled on a BSC Hons at Staffordshire University doing Computer Games Design and Programming. This involved doing both game modelling design and programming to create game engines features and mechanics.

The idea of running my own company while working on a project I am passionate about was an opportunity too good to pass on; while also being able to work towards obtaining a Masters in Entrepreneurship and working as a company director and project manager.

Having done both games design and programming I am favourable in both fields of development, which gives me the tools I require to facilitate and manage a project such as this. Having had experience in both setting up a company and roles such as scrum master and games producer, I am able to bring this expertise to the team.

Alacrity Falmouth offers a wealth of knowledge every day. If there aren't meetings with experienced mentors from the industry there are presentations, talks or meet ups happening around the office. It is a very lively environment which appeals to me.

In the future our team will find investment for our product and incorporate as a business. Expanding our reach and staff we will keep our values strong and make our difference on the gaming industry.