Caitlin Hobbs

BA(Hons) Creative Writing

I loved my time at Falmouth - I miss it everyday! I remember being in our seminars and sharing ideas and creativity. It was a cosy and secure place without judgement and a chance to hear others' work. Our summer show was really fun; matching the students up with their parents and seeing everyone dressed up to admire our work. I also liked how each lecturer had their own take and slant on what we studied. A combination of art, literature and sound - the course wasn't limiting and enabled everyone to stretch their minds and explore new ways of producing creative work.

I went on to study broadcast journalism - so still using my writing skills, but for an entirely new purpose. The emphasis was on succinct sentences packed with information. But the BA taught me more than writing; I learnt plenty of history behind literature, how to give and take criticism, meet deadlines and work in a team - handy skills for any job. I felt my BA was a solid grounding for what I've gone on to do and it has inspired me to help other young people - I was a mentor at university to students and am now a mentor in my current job.

I've had placements in a number of newsrooms - BBC in New Broadcasting House, Heart radio, BBC Radio 4, BBC Somerset, ITV Westcountry and National - as well as production companies like ITN's Dispatches and Channel 4's Unreported World. The Screenwriting and Radio modules really inspired me to pursue my career - I wrote radio and screen plays and recorded sound, which I found I loved! Having a knowledge of a vast array of information learned on my BA course made me more confident as a person, and having a means of getting my voice and creativity out into the world and sharing it with fellow students was scary but helpful.

I did apply to be a Blue Peter presenter. Less said about that the better really. It involved going in the sea in freezing cold February.

I found having a BA(Hons) in Creative Writing helped people to put their trust in me and while working at Icon Films I regularly wrote Tweets - squeezing in funny anecdotes of what the company had been up to. I was also asked to proof read (I love spelling) and write treatments for film ideas.

I've been writing a few anonymous bits based loosely on my career experiences so far...I like observational writing that people can relate to and (hopefully) find humorous.

Prospective students: go to Falmouth. Sea, creativity, great people and candlelit poetry readings. Current students: get involved as much as possible - fully immerse yourself in university life. Do the reading - get as much information in as possible. Get started as soon as possible on essays. Write what you know. Appreciate your time there because you will miss it when it's done - yes, even the essays.