Benjamin Farrell

Ben develops ideas, produces visuals and creates logos as a branding and packaging designer. He is involved in the development of new brands and new packaging focused on FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods).  

His role as Designer at Slice Design Ltd is his second job since graduating, following a year working as a Junior Designer at Holmes & Marchant in Buckinghamshire. There he gained a three month placement almost immediately after graduation and was kept on.

"The Illustration course allowed a broad spectrum of creativity which meant I could work on projects with a more graphic slant in my final year - specifically packaging. I now work at Slice Design Ltd - a very small company in Fulham with a social atmosphere and work ethic that suits me perfectly.

Having an interest in graphics and typography with the added skill of illustration, made me more attractive to my first employer than graduates who did not have the drawing abilities. The normal degree course for those in my profession would have been Graphic Design - my illustration background made me stand out. Illustration added a very useful string to my bow - I would not be where I am now were it not for my course."