Alex Turvey

Hailed as one of the Independent's 15 creatives who will "define the future of the Arts in Britain", Alex's unique aesthetic was picked up by Channel 4 before he even graduated. Six years on, he's a highly sought after director and designer; his TV commercials and music videos for clients including Ash, Bright Eyes, Burberry, Daisy Lowe, Ford, Levi's, MTV, Nike, Oxfam, Shakira and Vice are making waves; and he's even sat on the jury for the prestigious D&AD Awards.

While he was on the course, he entered a Channel 4 and Creative Review competition to create a short ‘sting’ (ident ad) for E4. The brief: it must be odd. Alex came up with an animation of a one-eyed midget in a sack waddling out from behind a doorway, looking suspicious. Clearly it impressed the people at Channel 4, because he came fourth: the only student in the top five. The top five were then offered the chance to pitch another animation idea to Channel 4, with a budget of £25,000. And the rest is history. He went, pitched and won.

“My tutor, who was a bit of a legend, pushed me to go for the job. I thought there would be no way I would have a chance of winning. And the brief! It was a real job for serious money. Phil sat me down and made it abundantly clear I had the talent for it and even if I didn’t win, the experience would be very valuable. In short, he meant I should get off my butt and go. Falmouth gave me great thinking space and I never felt forced to adhere to one kind of style. I just felt very comfortable and I think it breeds a very positive atmosphere. Because you're in such a close environment you naturally learn from each other; it's a good melting pot of creative minds."