Alex Rowse

A-Side Studio is a Falmouth-based design studio with a global reach. Set up by Alex Rowse and Ross Imms in 2003, the business has grown to become an internationally successful agency with clients in Los Angeles, New York, Japan, London and Cornwall - including MTV, Ford, Random House, Sony, Uniqlo, Origin Coffee and Fifteen Cornwall. Their work has also featured in numerous publications including the Los Logos books, Computer Arts magazine and the Sunday Times.

"My style is very much inspired by my cultural roots and I realised there was real scope for setting up my own consultancy in Falmouth. With broadband taking Cornwall by storm, migrating to London to get the work and attract big name clients has just not been necessary. Being based away from the perceived design hub of London has worked to our advantage. Falmouth is refreshing, it allows ideas to grow. It's easy to become a cog in a large company in London, but by running a business here, our creativity is constantly challenged, making us produce original work every time. Thanks to technology, you can keep your finger on the pulse but avoid being sucked in by design trends."