Why I chose my university

01 May 2024

Why I chose to study at Falmouth University

Hear from our students on why they chose to join our creative community. To find out more about why you should consider studying at Falmouth, click here.

Type: Video
Category: Student life

“It was really important the place I studied. I came across Falmouth and I looked at the facilities here and then just the amazing place, like Falmouth itself, it is so beautiful. I constantly walk down the street and I just get imposter syndrome. I cannot believe this is where I study and live."

"The atmosphere here is more collaborative and creative than anywhere else I could find. Everyone wants to work with each other, no matter what course you're on, so you can work with film students, acting students, music students and dance students."

"I initially wasn't going to go to university, but I was here with my dad for a summer and in all honesty, we were going on like a nice nature walk and thought ‘hold on we're on a campus!’. I thought it’s beautiful and I really want to go here."

"From my research and having an open day here I thought that it was quite a nice community to be a part of.

"I really wanted a school that had a good reputation for international students, and it was literally in the top 10 in terms of student experience, especially international student experience and that's what worn my heart!"

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