Why I chose to study Graphic Design

08 March 2022

Graphic design work presentations suspended in studio at Falmouth University
Graphic Design show gallery exhibition
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“Crafting big ideas beautifully” read the BA(Hons) Graphic Design course page of the prospectus, which I studied intently.

With a background in art, I was unaware that Graphic Design was an option until I attended an Open Day and was surrounded by passionate students, engaging staff members, and a luscious tropical campus. After a day of exploring the University, the town and the beaches, my heart was set on Falmouth. My curiosity towards a course I had little experience or education in was welcomed by the Course Leaders, who appreciate and understand the diversity of backgrounds many students arrive with.   

What I enjoy about Graphic Design at Falmouth is the celebration of creativity. Students are encouraged to expand their own perspectives and understandings of what design can look like from day one. This method of teaching encourages a greater sense of creative freedom – all ideas and directions are championed.  

I will cherish the past three years at Falmouth and the array of opportunities that I've been given through the course to grow, learn and flourish

The opportunities are also endless. From screen printing and etching, to editing and 3D casting, the array of facilities harbour a greater sense of curiosity that can be integrated into your work. Another reason I chose Falmouth was the opportunity to develop new skills alongside my study, particularly through Wednesday Open Workshops. Every Wednesday afternoon, we are offered open workshop access where we can explore facilities and creative practices across the University. The workshop sessions include everything from learning Italian and jewellery making, to aerial dancing, website coding and lino cut printing. 

The Graphic Design course content is extensive, with a selection of modules that cover the core design principles practices and thinking. I hugely appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to gain a wide range of perspectives from the staff team, who all have a variety of experience within the design industry. Within this team is a course specific librarian who can offer academic reading support and recommendations and is a reassuring and supporting presence within the course. Throughout the duration of the three years, you are taught about the principal foundations of design, including its history, key political contexts, and its cultural importance within our society. This area of the degree helps you to understand the integral importance of design and our role within it.  

The integration into the industry is another key aspect of the Graphic Design degree. Students are given a range of insights, including weekly visiting speakers, live competition briefs and studio visits. What I also love about the course is the opportunity to collaborate with the Graphic Design cohort as well as students across other courses. This collaborative approach of the course allows you to share and cultivate new and engaging projects that broaden your own thinking.  

One of the greatest passions I have for the Graphic Design degree is the studio space we have on the Falmouth Campus. Aimed to replicate a real-life working industry environment, the studio is an open and inspiring place that creates a welcoming and engaging environment for studying, creating, and designing. The collective atmosphere within the studio creates a community within the course, with ideas, inspirations and interests are shared across multiple year groups. This means you never stop learning and discovering new and exciting sources of creativity, which keeps daily study engaging and enjoyable.  

As I work towards completing my third year as a Graphic Design student, the initial words “crafting big ideas beautifully” that I read at the start of my journey at Falmouth still resonates. Throughout the three years I have been encouraged to explore routes that I am passionate about, covering topics that excite and intrigue me whilst receiving guidance and support from the staff. I will cherish the past three years at Falmouth and the array of opportunities that I've been given through the course to grow, learn and flourish, many of which I hope to carry with me into my chosen career and beyond.  


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