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This article was written by Creative Events Management graduate Elena. If you'd like to read more stories from our students about their accommodation choices, click the link at the foot of this article.

It can be quite daunting having to decide where you want to live for the first year of your studies. It’s a massive aspect of being a fresher so it’s not surprising that you’d want to get it absolutely right!

I remember feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of choice I had, worried about my budget and not having seen any of the accommodation in real life I almost felt at a loss. However, I soon realised that I had nothing to worry about and had luckily made the perfect decision for me!

Here are a few reasons why I believe that The Sidings was an ideal home for my first year of studies.

The walk up to lectures only takes 10-15 minutes, and you’re surrounded by beautiful woodland the whole way

The main factor that intrigued me about The Sidings was having the train station so close by. It was one of the first reasons these halls became my main accommodation choice, and it proved to live up to my expectations plus more, with regular trains running into Falmouth Town or further afield into Truro, which was so handy.

Travelling into town with ease meant that doing my weekly food shop in Falmouth was enjoyable and stress-free. Being based at the top of Penryn was also great as the town is so nearby. The pubs in Penryn are a great way to get out in the evening whilst still being close to home. It was great to support and be part of the friendly local community of Penryn town.

Room size 
All the rooms at The Sidings are en-suites with double beds, providing a spacious yet homely feel. The kitchen and lounge areas are furnished with sofas as well as a TV which automatically made my flat fun to live in and very social.

The staff were a short walk away, working at their on-site office meaning that they could always be available to help with any issues. This was great and they are all such friendly people too! The Sidings is one of the cheapest accommodation options available, yet still luxurious which was a huge bonus for me as I had a limited budget.

Distance to campus
This is a factor that could highly influence someone’s decision. I found that The Sidings was a comfortable distance from Penryn Campus. The walk up to lectures only takes 10-15 minutes, and you’re surrounded by beautiful woodland the whole way, enough to compel anyone to attend those early Monday morning sessions!

If you’re looking for a quieter stay but still want that freshers experience, being a short walk away from the campus is ideal, giving you the choice to stay out of the racket if you feel like having a quiet night in.

I’ve been very lucky to have met so many wonderful people during my studies, and I feel that I owe that to The Sidings. It was the perfect place to spend my freshers – I learnt new skills and found my independence which prepared me for the future! Ultimately, it’s your choice when it comes to deciding which accommodation is going to suit you the best.

No matter which option you decide, my one piece of advice to take with you from this is to choose a place that makes you feel at home!

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