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This article was written by Press & Editorial Photography student Abbie. If you'd like to hear more about accommodation at Falmouth from Abbie, click the link at the foot of the article.

Choosing where you want to spend your first year of university living can be very daunting as an applicant but doing a good amount of research into housing options always helps to take the pressure off the decision.

For a first-year university student, living in halls is not only a very convenient decision, but it is also an excellent choice for settling in. Living in halls for me took the stress out of leaving home, since I was surrounded by people in the same situation and the feeling of excitement meant I forgot about the anxieties of leaving home.

When I was looking at the halls Falmouth has to offer, I immediately set my mind on Packsaddle, choosing it as 3 out of my 4 options when I applied to housing.

I chose to live in Packsaddle mainly because of the size, as I was quite a shy person, so Glasney Student Village seemed too busy for me. With Packsaddle having only 124 students I felt like it would still have an active atmosphere, but I would be able to get to know everyone without feeling out of my depth. Also, the communal space at Packsaddle in both the lobby area and the flats was inviting which made me think that it would encourage me and my future housemates to spend time together.

Factors like space and size are key things to consider when looking into housing options and it is important to look at areas other than just the bedroom as you will need to feel comfortable in the shared areas of the housing just as much as your own room. Also, it's definitely worth looking at how much at home workspace you'll need for your course and whether or not the room you want can accommodate that in terms of desk space and storage (for instance if you work on a computer or may need space for a sewing machine etc).

Whilst location is also an important factor, transport in Falmouth is also excellent and so living in Penryn and studying on Falmouth campus wouldn’t be an issue, or vice versa unless it's a factor that is particularly important to you.

Overall, the decision of where to live shouldn’t be stressful, but instead exciting. Living in Packsaddle was a brilliant experience and the halls itself was clean and homely. Being comfortable where you are living is the most important part of deciding where to live and determining which factors contribute to this is key.  

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