Why I chose to study at Falmouth University

01 May 2024

Why I chose to study at Falmouth University

We spoke to a few of our students about what made them want to study at Falmouth. To find out more about why you should consider studying at Falmouth, click here.

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Category: Student life

“I was drawn to the idea of studying and having a really good work life balance, as I feel like most universities don't offer that. It can be very intense for three years and you drop off, whereas it felt like if you came to Falmouth University everyone said you never leave Falmouth once you'd come.” 

“I've lived in Cornwall all my life it's nice and convenient next to the seaside, it's just a really nice University and good for the arts.” 

“It’s such an amazing campus. It's really uplifting because there's so much greenery and it honestly doesn't really feel like a place in England. It just puts you in a really good mood when you walk through it.” 

“One of my friends was already at university here and I came to visit her. It just felt like such a safe and happy place.” 

“I came down for an open day and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing and I just fell completely in love with the course.” 

“We're surrounded by lovely beaches that you can get to within a 15-minute walk and if you've got a car or know somebody with one, the scenery is beautiful to explore across Cornwall.” 

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