What it's like working as a student ambassador

04 September 2023

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This piece was written by Animation BA(Hons) student Karis about her experiences of becoming a student ambassador at Falmouth.

I'm in my third year at Falmouth University pursuing my BA(Hons) in Animation studies. Despite my role as a student at the university, I've also had the privilege of serving as a student ambassador for the university. This undertaking has been a journey of growth and inspiration. I would like to offer you a glimpse into this remarkable experience.

Rewinding, my initial exposure to the role was from a fellow student ambassador, who assisted me during my university enrolment. This encounter sparked a desire to pay it forward and support fellow students, who might find themselves in similar circumstances. The transition to university life can be both exhilarating & daunting and having a friendly guide can make all the difference. Engaging with potential students, answering their questions, and offering guidance is not just rewarding, but a way to ensure they feel supported and well-informed as they embark on this transformative journey.

Now, let me shed some light on the role of a student ambassador. Think of us as the bridge between prospective students and the university. Our mission is to inspire and guide potential students towards embracing higher education and selecting Falmouth University as their academic choice. As a student ambassador, I'm privileged to be part of a compensated, part-time job that equips us with training to share our personal stories and direct individuals to the necessary resources.

The array of responsibilities we undertake is as diverse as it is exciting. From lending a hand during university Open Days and Graduation ceremonies to leading campus tours, conducting webinars, aiding in interviews, and providing insights on platforms like Unibuddy, there's something for everyone. These flexible and fulfilling opportunities allow us to tailor our engagement based on availability and interests.

Balancing a part-time role alongside academic commitments is no small feat. Yet, working as a student ambassador miraculously aligns with both aspects. It's a blessing to contribute to the university community while furthering my education and earning an income at the same time. Given that helping others is what I like to do most, this role is a natural fit. 

Some of the most gratifying moments on this journey are from the meaningful interactions I share with enthusiastic prospective students during our Open Days. As they contemplate joining my course, I step in to provide them with first-hand insights, addressing their questions and helping to pave a clear path towards their goals – and let me tell you, it's an enriching experience. 

There's also an additional layer of personal growth in all of this. Engaging with these students allows me to further develop and refine my public speaking skills. Navigating through their inquiries, articulating my responses clearly, and maintaining their interest requires effective communication and thinking on my feet. Each interaction serves as a practice ground for delivering information compellingly and engagingly, honing skills that I'll undoubtedly carry forward into various aspects of my future endeavours.

Additionally, this role has enabled me to forge connections with fellow ambassadors and colleagues, fostering an environment of shared experiences. The warmth and authenticity of my team are unmatched, creating a sense of belonging and unity. 

So, while these moments undoubtedly contribute to the prospective student's decision-making process, they're also an incredible opportunity for me to grow, learn, and become a more confident and effective communicator. 

Commencing my journey as a student ambassador may have initially been nervous and triggered some butterflies. Still, the joy of seeing the excitement on potential students' faces and hearing their aspirations to join our university makes every moment worthwhile. At the heart of it all, I work with diverse individuals who advocate for equal opportunities, regardless of background or ethnicity. In this role, I'm not merely a student, but an essential part of a supportive community that values inclusivity and empowerment for workers and students.

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