University Mental Health Day: Breathe

19 February 2021


Breathe was created in my second year and aimed at getting people outside and away from screens.

As a photography student, I spend a lot of time behind the computer which can build up stress and decrease motivation as well as creativity. I finished filming this as lockdown began last March, at a time when the world changed for us all.

In some ways, the film took on a whole other meaning overnight, as our outside spaces and favourite places were now out of reach. Making sure we take care of ourselves has become so much more important.

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Category: Student life, Student work

The last year has been very different from my first year and a half at Falmouth. My bedroom has become my only workspace, a gym as well as a place to relax. But making sure I still get outside, whether that’s a long walk or a quick dash to the local shop for milk to make more cups of tea, has never been more important. 

Making sure we take care of ourselves has become so much more important.

Keeping a routine, and knowing what needs to be done each day helps. This is something I have struggled with especially since starting term again after Christmas as more and more things are building up. 

Thinking about final projects and portfolios as well as looking for jobs and where to live come to the end of this term, are all at the forefront of my mind, which can be very overwhelming. I find that talking to the people closest to me and opening up about all this has helped. Just knowing that there are people to support you is something you should never take for granted. Also, realising that I’m not the only one going through this has been a massive help. Being at university, there is a strong community of people in the same position as you and being able to relate with each other over this situation can be beneficial.

So, take a minute to get outside, keep a routine, talk to those who care for you if you are feeling low, as well as communicating your stresses and fears to those in the same position as you, is my advice in these difficult and strange times.

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