Finding purpose and direction through online study

04 April 2023

Online Study | Alan's Story

How can online study shape your creative future? 

Be inspired by Visual Communication BA(Hons) (Online) student Alan as he shares his creative work and tells us how studying online has opened up new doors for him. 

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Hello, I’m Alan Lewis, and I’m studying Visual Communication online at Falmouth University. 

Before I joined this course, I was a plumber and multi-tradesman. When I became disabled, it put an end to my career and I thought “what next?”.  

As an avid gamer, I began creating my own vector art, and from there I became passionate about visual design.  

Coming from an underprivileged background, I didn’t believe I could ever get a degree. I had gaps in my education and the thought of writing - let alone drawing or painting – made me feel anxious. I had such a low opinion of my abilities that I almost didn’t apply at all. 

But I am so glad I did. From our very first phone call, I received help and support from staff across the university, without which I wouldn’t be here studying today.  

I’ve achieved grades I never dreamed myself capable of. I’ve learned things about myself, become more confident, improved my creative skills and learned new ones. My passion now has purpose and direction.  

I have become a more positive role model to my daughters and have been given the opportunity to shape a better future for my family. It is surprising the difference these things make in life. 

Next year I’d like to do an online master’s in graphic design with Falmouth and become a multi-disciplinary freelancer.  

Above all, I want to help others who are young and from underprivileged backgrounds – particularly neurodivergent people, and those with disabilities and learning difficulties - to realise their dreams and shape their futures sooner in life. 

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