Freshers advice with Grace

28 June 2023

Freshers advice with Grace

We spoke to some of our Student Mentors to find out what advice they'd give to their first year self and how new students at university can take these tips onboard. Hear what Grace has to say.

Type: Video
Category: Student life

“What would I say to my first year self?

“I think the most important thing is to remember that everyone’s in the same boat. So everyone is really shy and very nervous and probably a little bit panicked about this major life decision they’ve made.

“So, don’t let your fear and shyness hold you back. Just, like, go out into the courtyard or your flat and just talk to people, even if it’s in short sharp bursts in between retreating to your room for a bit of quiet. Just put yourself out there and remember that your all in this together.”

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