Embracing Cornwall’s Charm: Why I chose to stay in Cornwall for university

02 May 2024

Falmouth Town Photo Credit Lee Stephens
Falmouth Town Photo Credit Lee Stephens
Credit: Lee Stephens
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This article was written by Film BA(Hons) student Ben.

I’ve loved growing up in Cornwall. I feel so lucky to have grown up in arguably the most beautiful part of the country. The coastline walks, the quaint villages, the beaches, the surfing, the castles, the reasons I love Cornwall so much are endless. The thought of leaving for university was heartbreaking, but whilst making my decision on where to study, I never even considered Falmouth. I was eager to get started on a new chapter of my life…

Initially, I was planning on going to Kent University, which is a 6-hour drive away! I even firmed my place there, but, at the last minute, decided the distance away was way too far. Despite all I thought, when it came down to it, I wasn’t ready to leave Cornwall just yet. Instead, I chose to apply to Falmouth University through Clearing, a spontaneous decision which was very out of character for me, but the best decision I’ve ever made! A big appeal about Falmouth was moving far enough away so that I was able to experience independence, whilst also being close enough that I could travel home to see my family with ease.

I get on really well with my family. My Mum and Dad were quite anxious about me moving away (being the oldest child, it was something they hadn’t experienced before), whilst I was excited to start this new chapter in my life. I was sceptical that by going to a university so close to home, I wouldn’t be able to experience the full university life. I have since found that to be the opposite case! I can balance both my university life, which feels separate from my home life, with my new-found friends, scenes local to Falmouth which I never knew existed and the university feels like a big and major university.

I’d heard a fair bit about the University before coming here. I had been to Falmouth a few times, but being from the Far East in Cornwall, Falmouth wasn’t a place I knew much about. It seemed strange to me, the idea of a university being in Cornwall. I couldn’t imagine it. They seem like polar opposites. To my surprise, Falmouth University has made it work! The town has fully embraced student life and feels like both the Cornish-style towns that I’m used to, whilst also being the home to a major university.

That being said, I was never interested in the big city life and Falmouth definitely is not that! Falmouth is quaint and sweet. It has lots of small bookshops, independent shops, interesting places to eat and charity shops. But it also has much of what you’d expect to find in a university town. It has a Wetherspoons, a McDonalds, nightclubs and lots and lots of pubs!

Since coming to Falmouth University, I have been given ample opportunities to delve into the expanding creative industry here at the heart of Cornwall. I was able to work at an internship for a distribution company stationed in Cornwall and I was mentored by a BAFTA-winning film producer, who makes films about Cornwall and who has worked on many short films about Cornwall and Cornish life. Each week, we have a masterclass from an industry expert, the most recent being from a former student who has worked for many years as a freelancer here in Cornwall, who talked about how quickly the film industry is growing.

Personally, coming to Falmouth University has been the best decision I have ever made! I couldn’t imagine starting my adult life anywhere else in the UK. Falmouth has everything I could want in both a university and a town. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to study in higher education in one of the best parts of the UK and I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone considering where to study.

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