Coffee adventures: Top 5 iced coffees in Falmouth

12 July 2021

Photo of hand holding out a glass of iced coffee. Photo by Tavis Beck.
Iced Coffee
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I love iced coffee. Simple as that really, I could really just end the blog here I like it so much. Not only is it a helpful pick-me-up whenever you need it, but its rich taste and crisp coldness are perfect for the summer months.

I used ice coffee over the pandemic to treat myself while getting outside and being active. I lovingly named these little excursions my ‘coffee adventures’ and decided I would rate as many coffee shops as I could in one month. Here are some of the findings from those adventures.

Note: 'The best’ is subjective. I determined my best for my palate but you may not like the same flavours, so please bear that in mind.

5. The Pier Café

I popped into The Pier Café while charity shopping with friends. It has a reasonably unassuming exterior but as you step in you are met with a quaint, homely feel. The staff were polite and banterous, while still being efficient in my order. The selection of cakes available was quite astounding and looking back I regret not grabbing any of that delectable-looking strawberry sponge. The iced coffee was creamy with undisguisable flavour, offering a great drinking experience. I was unsure of the specificities of the roast, but it was prepared excellently and provided just the right amount of punch to get me through the day. 

Overall rating: 8.5/10

4. Beacon

Beacon was recommended to me by a friend who is even more coffee obsessed than me. She swayed me to try it when she mentioned it was among the top 50 in England and I can say I was not disappointed. With its swish, minimalistic appearance and the rich aroma of fruity blends, Beacon caught my attention massively. I received my order in good time but was a tad disappointed by the amount given. The serving was smaller than I would have expected from the price point. However, this was blown out the water by the coffee itself, which was strong and fruity without being overpowering and the sugar syrup brought it up to an amazing drinking experience. 

Overall rating: 9/10

3. Forty Five

Forty Five was news to me after being away from Falmouth for the second lockdown. It was one of the first of my coffee adventures and was a breath of fresh air with its variety of blends and enticing aromas. They had a great selection of iced drinks, which, if they’re anything like their iced coffee, I will definitely be going back for. Forty Five offers great value for money with a sizeable portion of sweet, smooth, sustainability sourced deliciousness. I savoured it all the way home and was delighted by the sweet blend. I would particularly recommend it if you’re new to coffee. 

Overall rating: 9.75/10

Joint winners ?

Kimberley Perk

Named after Central Perk coffee shop in the show Friends, Kimberley Perk does not appear much upon first viewing. A small teal shack in the middle of Kimberly Park in Falmouth, with a few tables and chairs. Well, take it from me, appearances can be, and in this case are, deceiving! As this is among the best coffee I’ve ever had. I chose their fruity blend and paired it with quite a sizeable slab of brownie. Both were absolutely divine. The fruity coffee blend with Kimberley Perk’s homemade vanilla syrup provided a sweet and luxurious drinking experience that was only intensified by the gooey delightfulness of the brownie. I was so struck that immediately upon finishing I had to tell the barista how fantastic it had been. 

Overall rating: 10/10


Clique is a truly eclectic experience. Offering tattoos, piercings, haircuts, clothes and coffee, you could leave a brand new (highly caffeinated) person. With Clique offering such a broad range of services, I was sceptical – did they have their fingers in too many pies to compete for the top spot? Well, I needn’t have worried. Clique offers a wonderful coffee experience from beginning to end, with great chatty baristas who I could have talked to for hours. The coffee is truly local, has amazing flavour and is great value for money. It was sumptuous without being overbearing and offered just the right about of sweetness with their premium vanilla syrup. 

Overall rating: 10/10 

A final word…

If you take just one thing from me and my coffee adventures, let it be my love for small businesses. Each and every coffee shop on this list worked tirelessly to stay afloat over the pandemic and, now more than ever, they need your support. So, whether it’s one from this list or another of Falmouth’s array of coffee-based delights, go forth and spend your money somewhere small today. You might just start your own coffee adventure!

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