Balancing university with a part time job

04 February 2022

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Balancing university with a part time job
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Working part time while you study allows you to meet new people and discover skills you might never have had the opportunity to learn. 

I never imagined that during my first year at University I'd be learning how to mow lawns and cut hedges, but that's where I found myself. Here, I'll talk through my experiences of working while I study and share some of your options for part time student jobs in Falmouth. 

Job opportunities within the University

Falmouth University offers paid roles as Student Ambassadors. You apply through the University and, if successful, sign up for however many shifts suit you. As a Student Ambassador myself, I can confirm it's a great role to have and I found the application process super simple. Helping out with Open Days, connecting with schools and prospective students looking to study your course at Falmouth, allows you to share your enthusiasm and personal experiences. You can also work as a student content creator, creating content like this article you're reading now.

Through the University you could also fetch work with in-house agencies like Mayn Creative and via RealWORKS. Mayn Creative bridges education and industry, offering clients the creative skills and approaches of current and former students. It's an incredible opportunity to use the skills you're studying for clients, whether it be photography, videography, writing, or otherwise. RealWORKS is the career and employability service at Falmouth University, giving you tools and resources to find work or develop your career prospects by building your CV and reaching out to employers.

Working in the local area

Outside of the University, Falmouth and Truro are home to loads of local businesses. With an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants there's plenty of space to work in hospitality. In the experiences of my friends, it hasn't been too difficult to get jobs in these areas. Hospitality work can fit around your studies nicely too, with weekend and evening shifts.

The most valuable thing I have gained from working has been meeting people that have different interests and lifestyles to my own.

Falmouth also has several chain stores and independent shops. Small independent shops are probably a little harder to get into but likely a calm and gentle job if you succeed. I know some illustration students who work in local shops and have been able to create window art. Part time work can often link to your studies and interests more than you would predict.

Outside of customer service and hospitality, Falmouth is just like every other town – things need building and fixing. You could find yourself doing part time labour work with builders, boat builders or gardeners. A little more niche, this kind of work tends to be found through a friend of a friend, but it is out there and if you can find it, it could be great.

As I mentioned, I also work part time as a gardener. This is not what I had in mind when I came to uni, but I really enjoy it and it makes a refreshing change from the usual customer service work associated with student life. Learning a new skill gives you a nice side hustle from your studies and could secure you work to supplement your income after graduation.

If you're smart and realistic with your time you can achieve a great balance.

Working while studying

From my own ventures of working part time whilst studying, I have found that the two can complement each other quite well. Working could become overwhelming and compromise your studies but if you're smart and realistic with your time you can achieve a great balance. I have found that working 7-16 hours a week during term time breaks up my studies nicely and helps with my time management. I work more hours during holidays to build up some savings.

Part time work gives you a chance to make some extra money and meet locals and non-students. The most valuable thing I have gained from working has been meeting people that have different interests and lifestyles to my own; I think that's the most exciting part. My Student Ambassador role has allowed me to meet students on other courses in other years with different interests and aspirations. Working with locals has been great for breaking out of the university bubble, it's allowed me to better understand the local area and community.

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