Senior Lecturer MA Illustration: Authorial Practice

Mat’s a writer, artist and PhD researcher with an interest in how poetic practice can foster regenerative responses to our deepening socio-ecological crisis. Mat's recent work includes an ongoing series of illustrated poetry chapbooks, Strandline Books (winner of the British Museum’s 2015 Michael Marks Prize for poetry illustration), and numerous collaborations in image-word poetry.

Mat regularly publishes essays and letters with The Dark Mountain Project, XR Buddhists and others which speak to diverse entanglements of art, ecology and spirit. He’s a director of the research collective with whom he’s co-curated an annual series of symposia and related publications since 2016 - the last on which, Borrowed Time: on Death, Dying and Change, was published in November 2022.

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Telephone 01326 211077



Year Qualification Awarding body
2006 MA Illustration (Distinction) University of Plymouth

Honors and awards

Year Description

Michael Marks award for Poetry Illustration

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Research Interests

Research Topics

  • Creative Writing
  • Illustrated Poetry
  • Spiritual Ecology
  • Art and Activism

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

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  • Osmond, Matthew

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  • Osmond, Matthew

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Borrowed Time: on death, dying & change:


Courses taught

  • Illustration: Authorial Practice MA
  • Illustration BA(Hons)
  • Drawing BA(Hons)
  • Architecture BA(Hons)

Policy engagement within Cornwall

Engagement with organisations which contribute to the development of educational, cultural or socio-economic policies in Cornwall

Falmouth Poetry Group
Extinction Rebellion