Senior Lecturer

Lizzie studied for a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Bath, followed by a degree in Graphic Design at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2000 and went on to gain a Masters in Communication Art & Design from the Royal College of Art, London in 2002. Both her undergraduate and postgraduate experiences instilled in her the importance of rigorous research and ideas as a critical underpinning of craftsmanship: the form of her creative outcomes are informed by the theme or idea at the heart of its content. Her approach crosses disciplines and work falls into the categories of fine art, design, illustration, writing, curation and research, as defined by each project.  

Lizzie has worked at Falmouth University as an Associate Lecturer since 2003 and is currently a Senior Lecturer working in levels one and two. Previously she worked at Plymouth University as year one coordinator between 2009 and 2015. Lizzie was also a Visiting Lecturer and Associate Lecturer on various Foundation, BA & MA courses - from graphics to illustration, textiles to history of art - at institutions across the UK including: University of West England, Central St Martins, Kingston University, Chelsea College of Art & Design, University College of the Creative Arts: Epsom and University of West England.

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Contact details

Telephone 01326 259202



Year Qualification Awarding body
2002 Masters in Communication Art & Design (Thesis: Distinction) The Royal College of Art
2000 BA (Hons) Graphic Design (First Class Honours) Falmouth College of Art
1996 Foundation Diploma Bath

Honors and awards

Year Description
2014 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
2010 Teaching & Learning Fellowship with Sarah Chapman at Peninsula Arts

Research Interests

Research interests and expertise

Alongside her teaching Lizzie has maintained an artistic practice, through exhibition, collaboration and theoretical research.  

Lizzie’s practice stems from a desire to deconstruct cultural messages. It begins with questioning a fact, a story, an object, an image, an icon, a ritual, a process, a history. This historical, cultural, visual and textual information informs meta-thinking, and meta-making, about the subject itself. Process, material and place determine the form of the outcomes produced. These outcomes communicate messages about the origin of cultural concepts and motifs, and linguistic etymology, and borrow working methods from graphic design, illustration and fine art. Recurrent themes in Lizzie’s work are based around language, communication, writing and speaking and the use of the archive as resource.

Over the last decade Lizzie has exhibited nationally and internationally and taken part in prestigious, funded residencies including being selected as the Pearson Creative Research Fellow at the British Library and as Artist in Residence at both Fiskars, Finland and Women’s Studio Workshop, NY, the largest hand-made artist’s book publisher in the US.  

In recent years, Lizzie has had a number of papers peer-reviewed and published. Papers have been delivered at conferences at St Bride Type Library, Plymouth University and the International Conference in Semiotics & Visual Communication, Cyprus.  

A number of her book-work projects are held in various repositories including: The British Library, London, UK; Library of Congress, US; New York Public Library, US; Indiana University Bloomington, US; Lafayette College, US; Rochester Institute of Technology, US; University of Delaware, US; Vassar College, US; Virginia Commonwealth University, US; and Yale University, US.

Research Topics

  • Language
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Sound
  • Typography
  • Publishing as Arts Practice
  • Books
  • Archives
  • Libraries

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

  • Star, Dion and Ridout, Lizzie

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  • Ridout, Lizzie and Star, Dion

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  • Ridout, Lizzie, Christoforidou, Maria and Star, Dion

    (2018), Various Writings: Chapter 1 (Research Catalogue Exposition published in RUUKKU), In: RUUKKU: Studies in Artistic Research, University of the Arts (Finland), Finland, ISSN: 2341-9687
  • Ridout, Lizzie

    (2013), An Essay Concerning the Architecture of Conversation, In: Message, University of Plymouth Press, Plymouth, 1 (1), pp. 24-33, ISSN: 978-184102-347-2
  • Ridout, Lizzie

    (2011), The Art of the Speech Balloon, In: Varoom, The Association of Illustrators, London, ISSN: ISSN 1750-483X, Item availability may be restricted.
  • Ridout, Lizzie and Ultrabold – The Journal of the St Bride Foundation

    (2008), The Invent-ory: words on imagined repositories, endless indexes and an exercise in collecting beginnings, In: Ultrabold, The St Bride Foundation, London, UK, ISSN: Not known
  • Ridout, Lizzie

    (2018), Portable Document: Thinkings & Makings, In: Portable Document: Thinkings & Makings, Residency: 25 June – 1st July 2018; Exhibition: 1st July 2018, Old Bank Studios, 33 Higher Market Street, Penryn, Cornwall
  • Salkeld, Nicola

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  • Masterton, Elizabeth, Ridout, Lizzie and Devonport Naval Heritage Centre, Devonport, Plymouth, UK

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  • Ridout, Lizzie

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  • Scott, Linda

    Ridout, Lizzie, Potter, Ashley, Barwick, Tom, Owens, Dean and Harper, Clare, (2012), Message, In: Message, 2012, Plymouth University Crosspoint / Roland Levinsky Building


Areas of teaching

  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Illustration

Courses taught

  • BA Hons Graphic Design
  • MA Illustration: Authorial Practice
  • MA Communication Design