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I love the outdoors—cliff jumping, adventuring, and camping bring me a lot of joy. Working with my hands in ceramics, bookbinding, and other physical crafts alongside photography are very important to me and help me to be connected to myself and everything around me. Considering the difficulties of modern living, I strongly believe in the significance of unassessed creativity, physical making and exploration; something I wish to focus on during my time as Falmouth President. 

I aim to spark meaningful dialogues and inspire constructive change. I believe that communication is a fundamental mechanism that enables connection, understanding, knowledge, empathy, education, information and the preservation of our cultures.

As part of her role as the SU President, Hannah represents Falmouth University students in the following formal meetings: Board of Governors, Academic Board, Partnership Quality Committee, Learning, Teaching & Quality Committee, and the Student Experience Committee. 

Hannah Oliveira de Whitlock

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