Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Neil Chapman is an artist, writer and researcher. His current work explores material textual practices, artists' publishing, art/philosophy, questions concerning visuality, collaborative method, the evolution and politics of art-research. Neil has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art (Drawing & Painting), experience of studio and exhibiting practice including painting, sculpture, film and installation. He has an MA in Critical Fine Art Practice (Central Saint Martins, 1997). His book Diagrams for Seriality is published by Copy Press (London, 2014) and has been described as a “meditation on the relation of seeing to saying, the possibility and impossibility of communication, and the very business of making and writing”.

In 2011 Neil Chapman completed a funded PhD in Fine Art practice-led research at the University of Reading titled Protowork as Art’s Expanded Writing Practice. In a recent article Katy Macleod (Reader in Fine Art at Kingston University) has written of the PhD that it "presents the event of reading as a taxing encounter with image construction. (Macleod, K. ‘Art Project PhDs’, Theorem, Cambridge School of Art Doctoral Research 2016.)

In collaboration with David Stent (West Dean College, West Sussex) Neil has helped found and has contributed to an ongoing series of residencies, installations and reading/performances under the title Writing As Occupation, exploring the physical demands of writing, reading as performance, broadcast as dissemination, the effects of place and diverse technologies on writing, the ways in which such experiments expose new potentials of collective work.
Neil joined Falmouth University in May 2014. He teaches Fine Art Practice, Critical Studies and Art Research. Currently, he supervises three PhD candidates: Rachael Jones (Landscape, Loss and Imagination), Will Parker (inLand: Devising Compositional Strategies Through Field Recording), Nigel Owen (The Education of Illustrators). Recently, Neil has served as External Examiner for RCA researcher Sung Eun Vicky Kim (The Production of the Subject through Space, Architecture and Image, 2021)

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Contact details

Telephone 01326 213768



Year Qualification Awarding body
2011 PhD University of Reading
1997 MA Fine Art University of the Arts, London
1986 BA(hons) Fine Art Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design

Honors and awards

Year Description

University of Reading Post Graduate Scholarship, full funding for for PhD study.


London University of the Art, Research Award, funding towards the production and publication of The Ring Mechanism, a book with Book Works, London 2004.


City of Westminster Arts Council Bursary for Walking Is the Glue, a film and performance lecture, Curzon Cinema, Shaftsbury Avenue, London


London Arts Board Grant, Visual Arts Fund, for collaborative work with Steven Claydon towards an exhibition at Greengrassi, London (Five Works in Lieu of a Particle Accelerator)

Research Interests

Research interests and expertise

Writing in Art Practice
Over recent years there has been a marked interest in writing as a practice in art. New dialogues and collaborative working processes have appeared across the traditional divisions of literature and art. Institutional interest in such forms has been evident in the term 'art-writing', the status of which remains uncertain. However, in various ways, the histories of artists' engagements with writing processes and textual material extend back much further, constituting a counter-current to mainstream art practices. How do we understand artists' current work with words in the light of these histories? What part does that understanding play in the evolution of the practices themselves? How at different historical moments have artists' writing practices worked as forms of resistance? How might they do so currently? To what extent and in what different ways do diverse writing processes in art practice constitute new branches of art's historic interrogation of the image?

Art/Philosophy interdisciplinarity
Certain branches of continental aesthetics prove popular amongst artists and useful in establishing theoretical frameworks. Increasingly, such philosophy appears in art also as material to be worked with. Non-standard or subversive readings of philosophy, fictional treatments of philosophers, unexpected or playful uses of the text: how do such working practices extend or contribute to the philosophical inquiries?

The evolving status of art-research and criticality in art teaching
Art-research is a relatively new academic field. With the recent changes in university funding and prevailing business culture, new pressures come to bear. How can art-researchers demonstrate the cultural value of criticality. How is the link between art teaching and art-research to be sustained? What are the challenges posed by new forms of experimental writing in art? As students at graduate and undergraduate levels find new ways of questioning the traditional boundaries between art, writing and research, how is rigorous academic assessment to be ensured?

The history and theory of collective practice in art
In which contemporary practices do we best see an affirmation of the as-yet-undetermined future of art? What are the material and practical effects for artists of current neo-liberal ideologies of individualism? As it becomes a standard demand on job descriptions, what is the future of the term 'creativity'? What scope is there for contemporary academic institutions to learn from self-organised structures, workers' cooperatives, the Occupy Movement, strategies that might help maintain the ecologies of research and teaching cultures, diversity and heterogeneity in the institution?

Research Topics

  • art as circuit breaker
  • art-writing and the politics of writing technologies
  • Art/philosphy/literature cross-disciplinarity
  • book works and artists publications
  • darkness as metaphor in art and literature
  • fabulation
  • fictioning
  • Georges Perec
  • philosophies of the image.
  • philosophy of the diagram
  • politics of collaborative practice
  • the contraint
  • the evolving status of practice-led research in art
  • the history and contemporary practice of experimental writing and writing in art practice
  • writing as occupation

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

  • Chapman, Neil

    (2021), Thoughts Not Human, In: Checkered Reality - Reality Check: A provocation, 1st July 2021, Royal College of Art, London, (Unpublished)
  • Chapman, Neil

    (2017), Untimely findings: Art-research and the Extra-disciplinary, In: Paradox Conference London 2017, 13th to 15th September 2017, Paradox Conference London, (Unpublished)
  • Chapman, Neil

    (2016), Writing Beyond Art, In: Words of Art, 29th November 2016, UAL Wimbledon, (Unpublished)
  • Chapman, Neil and Stent, David

    (2016), Writing As Occupation #3: (Artists Talk), In: force8, 1st September 2016, Crewkerne and West Bay, Dorset, Item availability may be restricted.
  • Chapman, Neil

    (2016), Five Layers of Looking, Falmouth University Woodlane Campus, (Unpublished)
  • Chapman, Neil and Stent, David

    (2021), Writing as Occupation: thickening of thought and narrative loops, even, In: History(s) of MEANTIME, School of Arts, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, pp. 26-32, ISBN: ISBN 978-1-914900-01-3
  • Chapman, Neil, Hughes, Sarah, Stent, David, Pester, Holly and Davies, Angharad

    (2015), Vectors, In: Angharad Davies Rydal Mount, Compost and Height, West Dean, pp. 5-11, ISBN: no isbn, ISSN: n/a, Item availability may be restricted.
  • Chapman, Neil, Lally, Colm and Zaman, Rehana

    (2013), Neil Chapman in discussion with Rehana Zaman / Colm Lally in discussion with Neil Chapman, In: Proto-tools 1 Transcription, 16-17 November 2013 Flat Time House, Event Media Projects, London, pp. 86-96, ISBN: 978-0-9576627-1-1
  • Chapman, Neil

    (2013), ‘Patent Pursuit of Smoothness’, In: E:vent, 2003-2011, E:vent Media Projects, London, ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9576627-0-4
  • Chapman, Neil

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  • Chapman, Neil

    (2021), Insensate Archive, (Unpublished), Item availability may be restricted.
  • Chapman, Neil

    (2022), Machines Dreams & Fabulations: On Time After Time & The Wild Ones, In:, Nick Berkeley, Bridport, Dorset, ISSN: N/A
  • Chapman, Neil

    (2017), Mostish Will Speak on Darkness, In: Haunt Journal of Art, University of California, Irvine, USA, pp. 42-50, ISSN: 2334-1165
  • Chapman, Neil

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  • Chapman, Neil

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  • Chapman, Neil and Macleod, Katy

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    (2013), Earth Motifs, Shallow Designs, Outlands, Publication Studio, Malmö, ISBN: ISBN 978-91-977853-9-6
  • Chapman, Neil and Berridge, David

    (2011), Memo Seven



With colleagues from Goldsmiths and Linnaeus University, Sweden, a contribution to 'Multispecies Storytelling conference, Växjö, Sweden, 2019.

Research Students

Current research students

Rachael Jones, Landscape, loss and imagination: the potential for an experimental documentary to explore and invigorate cultural connections with the land

Will Parker, inLand: Devising Compositional Strategies Through Field Recording, Anthropological Fiction and Fabulation

Nigel Owen, The Illustrator as Visual Problem Solver: A deconstruction of the act of ideas generation in illustrative practice with reference to how it is taught within an higher education setting


Previous student supervision

Roderick Harris, Dissociative Methodology as Synthetic Assemblage: A pseudo-systematised inquiry into plastic and the zed, Kingston University, 2014.

Tom Milnes,  Algorithmic Aberrations: A Media Archaeology of the Photogrammetric Image through Error, 2021.

Number of research students supervised to completion


Research degrees examined


Vicky Kim, Royal College of Art, The Production of the Subject through Space, Architecture and Image, 2021


Bram Arnold, Walking Home: The path as transect in an 800km autoethnographic enquiry
John Hartley, The Thalassocentric Apparatus: Connected art processes from the sea showing multi-scale changes through their own emergence and collapse

Katrina Brown, Intersect/surface/body: A Choreographic View of Drawing
Matthew Lunt, Harry Penhaul and the Subject of the Real: Photographing post-war Cornish community through a Lacanian lens
Paul Raynolds, A Practice Based Inquiry into a Taxonomy and Ontology of Holes in Devoré-Lace

Number of research degree examinations



Areas of teaching

  • art contextual studies
  • Art practice
  • art writing
  • art-research
  • critical theory
  • history of art
  • history of ideas
  • philosophical aesthetics

Courses taught

  • Fine Art BA(Hons)

Policy engagement within Cornwall

Engagement with organisations which contribute to the development of educational, cultural or socio-economic policies in Cornwall

Collaborative work with Falmouth Art Gallery developing younger audiences, showcasing local publisher and helping facilitate public talks and workshops (as part of FOMO: Falmouth Art Publishing Fair, 2017.

Business Engagement

Business start ups

Member of Copy Press Publishing community

Professional Engagement

Independent professional practice


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Developing and Contact, a Copy Press Reader's Union event discussing Diagrams for Seriality (Neil Chapman, Copy Press, 2014), Housmans Bookshop, London (July 2015)

Sheppard, performance-lecture for Unsettled By And Open To, a study day on art writing, hosted by X Marks the Bökship, Matt’s Gallery, London (July 2014)

Jonah's Booth, a reading/performance for Their eyes travel across the pages and their hearts search out meaning, Senate House Library, curated by Sharon Kivland & Sami Jelili (April 2014)

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Untitled improvised reading as part of Displacement Activities, Bang the Bore, sound and performance improvisation event, 15 June 2013, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton (June 2013)

Uncommon Encounter talk/performance forCommon Intellectual, Copy Press Launch event, Conway Hall London (May 2012)

Outlands, poster and performance score with Ola Ståhl for group exhibition THERE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN ANYTHING TO UNDERSTAND! | Plastique Fantastique Communique, curated by Simon O’Sullivan and David Burrows, ASC Gallery, London (Performers: David Burrows, Matt Gilford, Emily Rosamond and Avako Koide, 8 June - 3 August

The Müleskinders: Proto-Publication, installation with David Stent, Diagrammatic Form, Banner Repeater, London E8 (June-August 2013)

Barricade Reading, installation, performance, readings, live writing with David Stent, Writing as Occupation residency, Meantime Project-Space, Cheltenham (April 2011)

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A*Proximate Broadcast, live web radio improvised reading with David Stent, Writing as Occupation residency, Meantime Project-Space, Cheltenham (April 2011)

Cones, Performance/Reading Experiment with Nooshin Farhid, Banner Repeater, London (October

Whatever Happened to Kurt Steiner? #3, improvised sound and reading performance with Ola Ståhl for Germ Free Youth Passport, Ptarmigan project space, Tallinn, Estonia (August 2011)

Whatever Happened to Kurt Steiner? #2, improvised sound and reading performance with Ola Ståhl for Experimental Sound Duos, Ptarmigan project space, Tallinn, Estonia (August 2011)

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Silken Müd, webstream and FM radio broadcast, with David Stent, University of Reading (January 2007)

Into the Plasma Pool, sound installation, for group exhibition, Strange Events Permit Themselves the Luxury of Occurring, selected by Steven Claydon, Camden Arts Centre, London NW3

The Devil’s Weed Plants, mixed media, with Steven Claydon for If it didn't exist you’d have to invent it: a partial Showroom History, The Showroom, London E2

Doubling Back, sound recording for Use This Kind of Sky, broadcast on Resonance Radio, 23 November, curated by Nooshin Farhid and Paul Eachus

Writers And Their Works, a poster design, for Tipos Mobiles, 39 Gallery London EC1, curated by Jaime Gili

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Lexicon, Song, Into The Plasma Pool, Talking Letter. Three sound pieces and one video for BROADCAST: Radio/Sound event, curated by Anthony Iles and Craig Martin, Cubit Space, London, N1 (May 2002)


Occasional Sights, a talk and workshop delivered with artist Anna Best for Travelogue Summer School, Porto, Portugal (August 2015)

Textual Errors, programmed by Maria Fusco, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2009)

Social, community and cultural engagement

Dissent and the Ecology of Ideas, a talk for the Independent School of Art, Penryn, Cornwall, 5 February