Lecturer, Creative Writing BA(Hons)

Eoin Murray is a Welsh writer, game scripter, and ludo-narratologist from Bangor in North Wales currently residing in Falmouth. He joined Falmouth in September of 2021 where he teaches creative writing with a focus on video games and post-digital content. Eoin writes comedy fiction and game scripts in RPG Maker, Twine and in Word as well as acting as an editor for the Electronic Literature Organisation's (ELO's) upcoming 4th Volume. His research focuses on utopian manifestation within interactive narratives as well as gender representation and horror in video game media. He is passionate about the power of video games to produce compelling, engaging and flowing narratives in styles other media cannot replicate (at this point in time). Eoin is also acting as an online module leader with a keen interest in the potential of online learning to influence teaching styles and contribute to teaching practice.

Eoin has presented his work at a number of world-leading conferences such as Electronic Literature Organisation (2019), Wandering Games (2019), Next-Gen (2019), Utopia, Now! (2019) and MIX Digital, (2016). His published works include a chapter within Lovecraft in the 21st Century: Dead, But Still Dreaming, an editorial role in a special conference edition of MeCCSA PGN and a critical text review in The Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. His upcoming research will focus on the representation of 'Daddies' in mainstream video games and he has a complete novel manuscript to seek publication for in the coming year.

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Year Qualification Awarding body
2020 PhD - The Meaning We Give It: Utopic Manifestation in Interactive Media Bangor University
2019 Associate Fellowship Higher Education Academy
2016 MA Creative Practice Bangor University
2015 BA Creative & Professional Writing Bangor University

Membership of external committees

Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds - Reviewer

Research Interests

Research interests and expertise

I conduct deep qualitative and quantitative research into narrative aspects of digital media with a strong interest in utopian scholarship. Specifically, I research the creation and consumption of narratives within video games, the player role in decision making for game narratives, gender representation and dynamics in video games, story-world and environmental design in games and emotional engagement between players and video games.

My utopian interests mix well with this ever-growing medium and I am keen to further examine the manifestation of utopian elements in video games, as well as conduct multi-disciplinary research using video game case studies to further inspect sociological, psychological and utopian impacts to both games and players.

My current projects are aiming to continue this research focusing on role-playing games and attempting to shift some focus onto the practice of designing games with certain specific sociological functions in mind such as gender representation and societal dependencies.

Regarding supervision I would be interesting in offering supervision to students focusing on gender in games, horror in video games, utopia in interactive media or creative game script development.

Research Topics

  • Game Script Writing
  • Gender in Video Games
  • Horror in Video Games
  • Utopia in Interactive Media

Research Outputs

Publications and research outputs

Externally funded research grants information

Collaborators Currency Funder HESA Category Project title Value Year ending Year starting

Isabel Linton, Jordan Glendenning, Kate Stuart

GBP MeCCSA PGN MeCCSA PGN 2019 Conference £800 2019 2019
GBP The James Pantyfedwen Foundation The Meaning We Give It: Utopic Manifestation in Interactive Media £4,121 2019 2018
GBP The James Pantyfedwen Foundation The Meaning We Give It: Utopic Manifestation in Interactive Media £4,121 2018 2017


Areas of teaching

  • Game Script Writing
  • Post-Digital Content

Professional Engagement

Engagement with professional associations and societies

  • Electronic Literature Organisation - Reviewer and editor for upcoming 4th Volume.
  • MeCCSA PGN - Conference organiser, reviewer and editor for special conference volume
  • Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds - Reviewer