Turner Prize Winning Filmmaker Speaks at Falmouth

19 February 2020

Jeremy Deller
SoFT guest visitor Jeremy Deller
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The School of Film & Television recently welcomed Turner Prize winning artist and filmmaker Jeremy Deller. 

Jeremy shared his latest film and spoke about his filmmaking experiences, alongside Falmouth lecturer Caroline Deeds.

Caroline told us:

Jeremy is often described as one of the most important artists of his generation, so this was a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to meet and hear from such a well-regarded film maker."

Jeremy Deller's latest film, Putin's Happy, is a portrait of unrest in Parliament Square, London. It captures a series of interviews about Brexit, conducted during the Spring of 2019. The film highlights a new and increasingly radical political landscape. Jeremy has described this film as a 'Postcard from the UK', and has said of his time among the crowds of protestors in Parliament Square as 'shocking', finding it difficult to believe the level of chaos in Britain at that time, witnessing events which were reminiscent of Hogarthian scenes.

On coming to Falmouth, Jeremy said: "It was great to give a talk to such an engaged audience, I enjoyed the opportunity to share the work and discuss it."

Caroline added: "In 2013 I had worked with Jeremy on the shoot for his film 'English Magic' when he represented Great Britain at the 55th Venice Biennale, so it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce his work to the students and members of the public who came along to hear him discuss his latest film."

The School of Film & Television arranged for two final year Television students, Megan Oates and David Jones, to go to London to shoot some footage of the Brexit protests that contributed to Jeremy's film. They were both thrilled to see their contribution to the film and to have the opportunity to take part in the discussion.

Caroline explained how these masterclasses help students with their study: "It's vital that students get a chance to hear from practitioners and artists at the top of their game. Jeremy is an exciting artist who engaged in an open and lively exchange with the students. It was really useful for students to understand the passion and motivation that drives his work.

"Jeremy is such an engaging artist whose work is often participatory and collaborative. His work spans staged events, historical re-enactments, exhibitions, films and documentaries. We thought it would be really exciting to have him come along and to have him share his process with the students.

"Jeremy's talk helped to expand our idea of the role art can play and the forms it can take. His work is at once playful, politically engaged and quietly courageous. The students have so much to learn from him about finding what makes them tick, discovering their own voice to engage with the issues that really matter to them and to communicate this with passion and creativity."

The Jeremy Deller Masterclass is the first event in a series of talks, screenings and networking opportunities to launch The Cornish Documentary Network, a new initiative by Cultivator and Screen Cornwall intended to foster debate and opportunities around documentary filmmaking in Cornwall. The Cornish Documentary Network will hold quarterly events which will focus on peer support and feedback for local Cornish documentary filmmakers, as well as inspirational talks and best practice. The next event will be held in April.

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