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05 February 2019

Graduate, Joe Donohoe, in the music studio
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Joe Donohoe
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It's five years since Joe Donohoe graduated and since then life has been, in his words, 'flat out.'

And it's not hard to see why. Joe is now one of the most sought after film and television composers in London and regularly works on a number of programmes distributed by BBC, ITV and Channel 4. He also contributed additional music to both series of BBC One's The Missing, the first of which was nominated for a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Music.

"It really is worth the years of hard work to know that millions of people are listening to my music," he says. "The thrill of working hard and discovering what music is going to work against the moving image never goes away. The rush I get now when something works is just the same as when I first started.

"It's so pleasing to watch something with your music over it, especially when it's helping to support the story being told. And it's always a kick to hear your work on TV or in small cinemas in front of an audience.

"I started off playing bass and producing music for various bands in London. Falmouth really gave me the freedom to develop my interest in sampling and experimental recording techniques. Making inroads in this industry can be tough, so develop your sound, find the right people to work with and offer something unique to them."

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