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31 October 2018

Falmouth Stories

Team Egg's VFX Victory

Team Egg, a group of Animation & Visual Effects students, have been awarded the prize for Best Film at both the BFX and Creative Visual Awards 2018 film festivals.

The BFX and CVA festivals identifies and showcases the rising talent in the animation and VFX industries, inviting students to produce films for numerous charities tackling a wide variety of issues.

Team Egg - Ting Loh, Amanda Chin, Kieran Trerise, Samantha Zaleski and Kuan Dang - won the accolades for their film entitled Rethink Mental Illness, seeking to support the mental health charity of the same name. Ting Loh commented: "It feels incredibly surreal to have won, almost like it hasn't actually happened!

"It completely shocked us when we heard the news from both events, particularly because we were the only 2D team in the competition. We're just so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity for such an amazing experience.

"There are many things that are important about working on this type of project, but the main thing is the drive of wanting to see something you envision come to life. Mental illness is such a sensitive and important topic, so what really inspired us was wanting to create a film that would have a positive impact in the community."

You can watch Team egg's film on the BFX website or on YouTube.